Nonprofit Recruitment Software Helps Your Mission Succeed

Recruiting is hard in any industry today, but is much more difficult in the nonprofit sector. While attracting candidates to a worthy cause can help capture talent, most nonprofits simply cannot compete with the salary and benefits found at corporate competitors.

With today’s unprecedented labor shortages, how can nonprofits reach their hiring goals?

Challenges Facing Nonprofit Recruiters

Nonprofit organizations heavily impact not only worthy causes but also the economy in general. Not-for-profit organizations employ nearly 15% of the entire American labor pool. But competitive and economic fundraising challenges have set these organizations back and left them with tighter budgets to apply to hiring at a time when there simply aren’t enough workers to go around.

Today, some of the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations include:

  • Budget constraints
    Chief on the list of recruiter complaints surely falls under the financial restraints of most nonprofit organizations. In many fields, nonprofits compete against better funded corporate competitors, and it shows in their ability to reach talent with jobs that attract more candidates into the hiring pool. Job requirements may not be adequately advertised, and this can result in a smaller funnel of workers to choose from. As a result, many nonprofits promote from within. While this is a positive strategy for the career paths of current workers, it is failing to bring in the new blood necessary to sustain these organizations.
  • Noncompetitive salary and benefits
    Unfortunately, smaller budgets mean smaller salaries. This inability to compete against larger nonprofits or corporate competitors on salaries doesn’t always mean organizations won’t attract top candidates, but it rarely helps. Candidates can be attracted to the mission of the nonprofit, seeking a position where they can give back to the community. But when this desire isn’t at the forefront of the candidate’s selection criteria, the nonprofit is at risk of losing top-quality candidates to corporate competitors with bigger budgets and benefits. This could also have an impact on employee retention. Today’s hiring market has pushed recruiters to proactively engage with employed workers to entice them to “jump ship” if they are unhappy. Existing nonprofit employees may be at risk of being stolen away by a higher compensation package.
  • Lack of a formal recruitment strategy
    Smaller nonprofits may spread the hiring functions among existing team members. An Executive Director may wear multiple hats, from operations and fundraising to hiring. In these instances, we typically see these nonprofits lacking a cohesive long-term recruitment strategy to bring in top talent. In most competitive markets, with historically low unemployment, this is a necessity.

In the face of these unprecedented challenges, nonprofit organizations are likely to struggle to find, hire, and retain top talent. But there is one thing they can do now to improve their recruiting efforts. Nonprofit recruiting software can help these organizations achieve their mission.

How Can Nonprofit Recruitment Software Help Your Mission?

Nonprofit organizations now have access to the same recruiting tools that their for-profit competitors have. Next generation applicant tracking systems (ATS) make nonprofit recruitment better.

In the past, these platforms have been less attainable for nonprofits because every dollar generated extends not to recruiting but to the organizational mission. Today, the ROI on these tools is so high, that nonprofits are more willing to seek the benefits of ATS platforms, which include:

  • Find more candidates that fully embrace your mission.
  • Retain more existing candidates.
  • Organize your recruiting efforts and build a candidate pool.
  • Bring fresh talent into the nonprofit environment instead of just promoting from within.
  • Improve hiring compliance with local, state, and federal rules.
  • Reduce time-to-hire.

Most nonprofits have notoriously low retention rates. This is particularly problematic with the candidate hiring pool is historically thin. With low unemployment, you need to retain as many employees as possible to achieve your service mission.

Nonprofit recruiting software can help you attract a better quality of candidates to the organization. The ATS positively impacts every stage of the hiring process, from writing and posting job requirements to communicating with applicants to hiring and onboarding.

Nonprofit recruitment software can automate many of the most time-consuming manual processes like emailing candidates, scheduling interviews, and note-taking. This can free up your time to focus in on other organizational needs.

Nonprofit recruiting software in the form of an ATS is like adding an additional team member devoted to the hiring process. The best tools are low-cost, cloud-based subscriptions that have customizable features but are extremely easy to use.

Simply put, nonprofit recruiting software can help these organizations achieve their mission, not retreat from it. Finding mission-driven employees faster is the ultimate goal of these products. Nonprofits failing to leverage these tools will continue to struggle to find workers in today’s competitive candidate markets.

TAM’s Mission — To Help Nonprofits Succeed

The Applicant Manager (TAM) has been a game changer for some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the nation as well as smaller regional nonprofits.

Watch How TAM Helped Goodwill Achieve Their Mission

TAM is nonprofit recruitment software designed to improve your hiring success. Using TAM to collect applicant data instead of your email inbox will improve your hiring efficiency and time to hire.

TAM is easy-to-use software that helps small and mid-size organizations compete against larger ones by providing them the flexibility to let the software do the recruiting legwork. It is an all-in-one platform to help you with:

  • Job postings that will attract the right candidates just when you need them most.
  • A simple, mobile-friendly application process that will eliminate “ghosting” and cart abandons that happen with your online application process is broken.
  • Automating candidate screening so that organizations spend less time on the back-and-forth manual processes that frustrate you and the candidates. TAM is interoperable with calendar functions which make it much easier for you to schedule and screen applicants.
  • Automating the offer and new hire orientation which ensures that you don’t miss a single piece of paper needed to remain compliant with applicable laws.
  • Onboarding candidates in a way that creates a positive experience from day one.
  • Accepting resumes even when no position is open, letting your organization build a talent pool of potential candidates interested in your mission – who you can reach out to when you have need of someone with their skillsets.
  • Achieving greater efficiency in your hiring process, saving your organization time and money and helping you devote more resources to your mission.

Recruiting in the nonprofit world is a whole lot easier with TAM. Contact our team about pricing, features, and how TAM can help your organization meet its mission and margin.

See how TAM can revolutionize your nonprofit hiring process and help you advance your mission.